Skincare is a journey we make together.

You’ve come here for a reason. We’re here because we love making a difference and we’re good at what we do. We love your skin as much as you do and will care for it accordingly.

Our journey will only continue if you leave looking and feeling better than when you came in.


About Appearances at the Beauty Studios

We believe that when a client comes to us, they need to leave with their expectations met if not surpassed.  We value our clients and ensure that they leave looking better than when they came in.  It's important that we communicate with each other to understand what your concerns are and what results you want to achieve. In turn, we will do everything we can to educate you on these issues and provide you with the treatment and protocols to help you achieve those goals. What you do when you leave is just as important as what we can do for you.  What you do at home, you do twice a day, hopefully and this enables us to take you even further in your subsequent treatments. 

At Appearances, we offer a variety of treatments to meet the needs of our clients with varying skin conditions.  We take the a gentle approach to get the best results possible in our treatments. Sometimes it is necessary to be slightly more aggressive. But the bottom line is, we don't believe in wounding the skin to force the skin to go into recovery mode which will cause you downtime and also may create other skin conditions to deal with.

We know the value of our clients and never take them for granted.  This is an ever-changing industry and therefore, we always are researching and testing products and treatments to grow with the technological changes as we see beneficial.  But the basics are always the foundation for us to start with when working with you.  We're very proud of our achievements and success in the skincare industry and know that we want to continue to be respected for our knowledge, skills and services that we offer. 

The industry is ever changing and advancing and we are continually researching products.  We are proud to have worked with some of the best lines in the skincare industry, but sometimes those lines no longer meet our standards or your needs.  We will always try to get the products for you that you want, even if we no longer introduce those products as a skincare option.

Staff Bios

Tara began her work in the cosmetic industry in 1980. In her early career, she worked for Estee Lauder where she was nominated for Rookie of the Year. She also won awards for her work with Lancome as her career evolved. She obtained two college degrees in Marketing/Merchandising and Organizational Communications/Public Relations/Telecommunications, but she returned to school once again to pursue the love college didn't nurture and that was the concept of beautiful skin and making women feel and look great. After years of being a makeup artist, she decided that she needed to work on preparing the canvas which is the foundation of a beautiful work of art. Because of her background in the beauty industry and her library of aesthetic videos, industry books and journals, she ended up sharing much of the training in her esthetic course studies. Tara's knowledge and success has resulted in dermatologists and plastic surgeons sending her clients after having seen the work she's done with acne, aging and scarring.

In Tara's words, "I guess this was my destiny. When I was younger I wanted to be a flight attendant or hairdresser but my parents insisted on college. I found my way into the beauty industry regardless, such as pageants and coaching, cosmetic departments, teaching Image Dynamics/Modeling for the Carol Ann School of Modeling, or opening my own Professional Finishing Studio where I turned Little Darlings into Angels in my children's etiquette classes. This all led to the world of aesthetics professionally. As a sales rep and educator for the last 10 years, I've been able to learn from physicians as well as train them and their staff, educate and mentor hundreds of estheticians, and still maintain my personal clients. My hands-on work with my personal clients has enabled me to help other estheticians in ways I would have never been able to help them without this personal experience. Transforming problem skin to calm, clear healthy skin, or bringing back the youthful glow to aging, weathered or stressed skin conditions can make a big difference in people's lives and that is the basis for the work here at Appearances.


Maria's interest in skincare was first piqued while working for an essential oils distributor. This was the first time she had seen how specific ingredients could really affect the skin and she was fascinated.

Shortly after moving to Los Angeles she found herself working as a receptionist in a day spa, which is where her esthetics career began in earnest. She soon began assisting in classes to expand her knowledge of the products in the spa and before long she had her esthetician license.

She continues to research every product she uses on her clients' skin and many don't make the grade. She is extremely particular about what she puts on her clients' skin. Maria has been a member of the Appearances team as a facial specialist since 2005. She truly cares about getting to know her clients and believes in the services she provides for them as well as the products she recommends.

She prefers to take a more gentle approach and focuses on the long-term health of her clients' skin. Maria gives the most incredible facial whether it's the Iderm Facial which she specializes in or a facial customized to your individual needs. She is all about results while offering you a pampering relaxing treatment.